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edna valley bed and breakfast mayor

Having spent the better part of the last 10 years pouring her heart & soul (not to mention blood, sweat and tears) into transforming the Old Edna Townsite, Pattea is affectionately referred to by many as "The Mayor."

If (and when) Old Edna becomes an incorporated city, look for Pattea to run for election as the official Mayor of Edna! Stay tuned...

"Who needs Napa... When you have Edna!" -Pattea Torrence

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The Duke
Retired to Old Edna only to work 7-12s with his daughter Pattea.

Craig Stoller - Wine Maestro, Sextant Wines and keeper of order

Craig and his wife Nancy are the proprietors of Sextant Wines. Their tasting room's position at the front of the property, in the historic Old Edna building, affords them an ideal watch place for keeping order. They can entertain and guide wine tasters with the fruits of their labor and keep lookout on their prized MacGregor Vineyard right next door.

Old Edna Townsite Deputy
"The Deputy"
Kienun Kocan - Lead for the Townsite's roaming surveillance team
Kienun heads up the Townsite's roaving surveillance from that back of his Honda 70, reporting any strange activities to the Sheriff. He works closely with Coy Kitty, lookout extraordinare, to make sure all are enjoying their time at Old Edna.

"The Judge"
Jeff - Newly-appointed to the bench at Old Edna.


"Resident Philospher"
AL Kinkle - Keeping the minds open - and wondering - throughout town.

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