Step back in time to the 1880s. Imagine a bustling settlement with a stagecoach stop, Maxwell Hotel and Livery, Rice & Miller’s Blacksmith Shop, Tipton’s Butcher Shop, two saloons, a mercantile, a Grange Hall, the Steele Brothers’ cheese factory and slaughterhouse and several homes spread throughout the property. At the turn of the century a post office and railroad were added. Truly, the townspeople took pride in their growing community here in Edna Valley. Roll over each building with your mouse to read a bit of history. Download map here. A Special thanks to Di Strachan for this map's inspiration.
The Mayor

Roll over each building with your
mouse to read a bit of history.

1. Start at the visitor Center

2. DeSolina

3. Alma's Reading Room

4. Pigeon City

5. 1887 Bluebelly Barn

6. MacGregor Vineyards

8. Creamery

9. Suite Edna Farmhouse Rental

10. Kienun's Treehouse

11. Sextent Wine Tasting Room

12. Crib

Pi-Pi's Roaming Gypsy Wagon

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Stop by the visitor center to start your self-guided tour of our townsite. Schedules will vary so please contact us first before you come by.
Sextant Wine Tasting: The most Historic structure on site, the original Edna Hall was first built in 1900. It burned to the ground two weeks after its opening. The fire erupted due to a modern convenience, some sort of lighting fed the rapidly growing blaze. An exact replica was completely rebuilt in 1908. Home then to a General Mercantile, upstairs Dance Hall, and lower level Post Office, this Iconic landmark served as the Edna Valleys “Hub”. For years, this locale offered patrons opportunity to share a sense of community while they attended important civic meetings in the upstairs speakeasy, picked up their groceries, had their horses hoofs trimmed and shoed. To end their visit, they had a sip in one of the three saloons (no longer standing). Now, you will find Sextant Wines Tasting room and Delli . We promise you won’t be disappointed.
Crib - Ladies in waiting (during Depot days): Last but not least, the townsite Crib (most all historic town sites with a depot nearby had one or two of these “little houses” on site). Let’s just say it was a place where ladies would be waiting during the Depot day! And yes both railways, The Pacific Coast Railway and the Southern Pacific Railway not only passed by but stopped at the Edna depot and brought supplies to our famous little town.
Kienun’s Treehouse: Built in 2002, Kienun’s Treehouse was built by Pattea’s father, “The Duke”, for his grandson. The two had, and still have a very special bond. Years ago, when there was a dancehall upstairs in the tin building, people, too tipsy to leave, were tied to the infamous once enormous thriving Pepper Tree. It has had its hay-day, now retired. Though still standing, it lovingly holds the memories of a grandfather and his grandson.
Pattea's Office
Suite Edna Farmhouse Vacation Rental: Built in 1908, this was the original Tognazzini ranch house of Guido, Griselda, Elsie, Lucca and Alma. The heart of the valley, Suite Edna is now home to overnight guests, a delightful place for family and friends to meet and enjoy the true essence of “Old Edna”, the Valleys namesake.
DeSolina: Built in 1897, the beautiful DeSolina House was named after Guidos first love. DeSolina passed at an early age. Sadly, Guido never quite got over it—once a true love, always a true love. Today, it serves as the Edna Valley Bridal Suite and home to the DeSolina House overnight guests, perfect for two.
Creamery: During the late 1800s the former Creamery stored lots of milk and butter on the way to the General Mercantile (Original “Old Edna” building at the front ofthe property. Today, it houses our necessary townsite working tools!
Blacksmith Shop - Gathering Event Room: Late1800s former Blacksmith Shop turned from Kluvers famous cabinet shop to Willow Nest Antiques. It currently serves as a very quaint and popular room to gather. Share a story and share a meal. It’s perfect for small bridal showers, family reunions and relaxing business meetings.
Almas Reading Room: A perfect place to relax. Read and watch all the townsite birds fluttering about their happy little town and watch them swoop down on “Sweet Pepper” and “Shelly” our bug collector, laying hens.
Pigeon City: “The Duke’s” favorite bird as a boy growing up.
Pi-Pi's Roaming Gypsy Wagon: Built in the ‘70s by Patteas father, “The Duke” (Walt), for her mother, “PiPi” (Jeannine Della Grace). This was a place where she often slipped away and wrote poetry and entertained her guests. Gypsies roam and so does Pipi’s wagon.
MacGregor Vineyards: The Historic MacGregor Vineyards was originally planted in the ‘70s. Rumor has it, they were the first to get their feet wet in the entire Edna Valley. Now, it is owned and operated by Nancy and Craig Stoller of Sextant Wines Windemere Winery. This magical corner is “Deputy Kienuns” favorite spot in all the land.
Bluebelly Barn: Built in 1887, the former Tognazzini Dairy Barn was bustling in the early 1900s. Sometimes home to “Stinky Larry” our townsite goat daddy and his female companions. Kienun, our most popular deputy, named the Blue Belly Barn when he was just three. He was inspired by the population of Blue Belly Lizards that bask and do their push-ups here daily. The barn houses Kienun’s vintage fleet.