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Suite Edna
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Duke's Sippin Cellar
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Located behind and below Suite Edna Farmhouse is a quiet small space to sit, read, work, journal, taste your wines or relax. Ask about the rates to use this special space to add to your wine tasting experience. Some occasions this room is available without use of the Farmhouse on weeknights. Please inquire for availability.

The Duke (1930-2014)
Behind the scenes of Old Edna Townsite are hints of Pattea's father’s handiwork. A skilled, prolific builder and designer himself, Duke “retired” into Old Edna when the property was first purchased 20 years ago. He spent 7-12 hours a day restoring and rebuilding Old Edna. Sadly, Duke was not able to see what the townsite is today due to the onset of Lewy Body Dementia.

A hopeless romantic and theatre enthusiast, Duke loved Don Quixote, so you will see a large oil painting of him on horseback in the cellar. Pattea recalled while growing up, there was always a cavern of sorts converted to a wine cellar in each of her childhood homes. Guests brought 2 wine bottles for the soirées, one bottle for the party and one for the cellar. She has fond childhood memories of her father hosting gatherings rich in culture and song. From her room, she remembers hearing Rolfe Mason play the flamenco guitar throughout those evenings.