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There are so many different outdoor spaces to explore during your stay at the Suite Edna Guest House. From public and private gardens to two outdoor porches - one with lots of sunshine and the other completely shaded. And, of course, there are the expansive views of the MacGregor Vineyard and surrounding Edna Valley Wine Country.

Whether you're intested in hiking, biking, wine tasting or shopping for art and clothing in downtown San Luis Obispo, the Suite Edna Guest House vacation rental is just moments away from it all. And within 20 minutes, you can even be at the beach - or a lake for that matter.

Or stay back at the grounds to enjoy quiet country living at its finest. Order a platter and a few fine wines from the Sextant Wines tasting room out front to enjoy as you take in the views. At the center of the central coast is Edna Valley, and the heart of Edna Valley is Old Edna and the Suite Edna Guest House...

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