This incredibly luxurious 1 bedroom studio vacation rental has everything you need for an extraordinary Edna Valley experience.
Suite Edna
This beautiful 3 bedroom vacation farmhouse rental is decorated with an elegant Old World Style filled to the brim with beautiful textiles and lovely antiques.
Suite Edna
Meet the Mayor, Patea Torrence

As the proprietor of the town, Pattea has spent about 20 years pouring her heart & soul (not to mention blood, sweat and tears) into transforming the Old Edna Townsite. Pattea's love for history, architecture, and design fueled her passion to restore the townsite. Once a long forgotton bustling town of the late 1800s, Pattea has taken her creative energy and restored several buildings on site. The next project is the Bluebelly Barn. From her love of vintage, junking to high quality materials and fetish for signs, her style permeates throughout the site.

The Duke

Retired to Old Edna only to work 7-12s with his daughter Pattea.
He spent his last years with Pattea's brother David (an amazing caretaker) on 2,000 acres in Oregon. Duke passed from Lewy Body Dementia in 2014.

(Picture left: Duke hangs the first sign high up on the Edna Hall standing on a tiny ledge. Determination is the gift he has given to Pattea)

The Sheriff
Craig Stoller - Wine Maestro, Sextant Wines and keeper of order.

The Deputy
Kienun Kocan - Lead for the Townsite's roaming surveillance team Kienun heads up the Townsite's roaving surveillance with his fleat of vehicles, reporting any strange activities to the Sheriff. He oversees the goats and makes sure they are happy and well fed. He grows hay for local cattle and is the next generation at Old Edna.
The Judge
Jeff - CFO of Old Edna making sure our finances are in check and reels her back in for fiscal happiness.

"Who needs Napa... When you have Edna!" -Pattea Torrence