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Suite Edna
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DeSolina Cottage Vacation Rental (Click on the thumbnails below to view full images)

Welcome to the DeSolina Cottage! This incredibly luxurious studio vacation rental has everything you need for an extraordinary Edna Valley experience. Ideal as a lovers' retreat or as a special indulgence for one, every detail evokes the energies of Edna while attending to your desire. As you step into DeSolina you are immediately transported to the warmth of a new home. A copper-clad headboard draws you toward the coziest queen bed imaginable. Turning, you discover a comfortable seating area to unwind, read a book, catch up, cuddle up or otherwise escape it all. A gracefully appointed studio kitchen and 100-square-foot bathing suite with a centerpiece clawfoot tub round out your accommodations here.

DeSolina House is nestled in a quiet corner of the two-acre Old Edna property, offering privacy and peacefulness when you want it and access to all the amenities of the Edna Valley and nearby cities of San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande when you want them. DeSolina is the perfect lovers' retreat for the bride and groom while the wedding party stays just beyond the gardens at Suite Edna. Wine and food are available at Sextant Wines, just steps beyond the gardens.

Whatever your occasion, whatever your mood, let DeSolina Cottage work her wonders on you. You will be glad she did.

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